You can show your room wider with basic color information and a few decoration suggestions. For this you can prefer some colors which reflect the light or choosing accesories you can achieve this.

Choose the made from same accessory materials compatible with white and neutral colors. You can use cream, beige, champagne or sand tones. In order to make vague to corridors you can prefer neutral and cream colors.

You should use the same colors to show wider and higher in the ceilings and walls. Pay attention to use bigger carpet than furniture. If your room is small you should distraction by using glamorous colors, different wallpaper, panel lighting.

Do not use patterned fabrics on large surfaces. Especially prefer more neutral colors and plain design in armchair and curtain upholstery. Choose cushions in different sizes and colors to make lively to the seats. Choose functional furniture which compatible with room.

For example, instead of using 3-seat you can use L shaped seats. So you obtain more spacious view. And pay attention applying to only one wall to your different color preferences. Don’t use vibrant colors such as red for walls. You should use red with accessories. Accessories such as striped carpets or pillows show your room wider. Different sizes and different colors objects cause small view in your room.