Candles are economic. So they are used much in home decoration. You can made candle holder from many materials such as penholder, cup or flowerpot. Candles are not made of hard materials so you can give shape easily. Using candles in decoration is easy and pretty fun.

Some ideas about candle decoration;

    • You can embellish to your home with colorful and scented candles. And also candles pull the cigarette smoke so your room remains clean.
    • Or you can cover any glass and use it as candle holder. As I said before, candles take shape easy. For instance you can use your old candles again by taking new shape.
    • Also candle‚Äôs smell and color leave an impression on human.
    • Red candles represent to romance and love as you can imagine.
    • And white one represent to health and hygiene. It helps to being filled in.
    • Also yellow candles used for energy and health. Because it takes its color from the sun.
  • Purple candles are color of wisdom. This color of candle is represent to success and power.
    • People generally think that black color evokes the negative energy but you can use black candles in order to dissolve the negative energy.
    • Gold color candles represent to success, happiness and health.
  • And the last one is silver color candles. They are very popular for meditation.