2016-2017 years differ from other years with its special structure. Awareness and design will be increase in this period. Palettes are occured with some colors which have never been used up to today. With cosmic color groups innovative attitude has been exhibited in interior places.

Why cosmic colors?

Cosmic colors have light structure. It works bring to mind to us that we are a part of the universe. Light colors are special color palette which taken from different elements, crystal stones and meteorites. Especially pink crystal quartz, manganese, special purple, pinkish gray, mint green and neon yellow are used frequently.

In these days we are living in smaller spaces. In fact the real question is ‘’How can we create more large venues’’. Of course we can do it with the power of color. When we say power of color it means cosmic colors. We achiece it from enery of life.

Cosmic colors is a new literatüre in definition of colors. So each color has references from life. Day yellow and rock crystal is a important colors. While we are living in the crowded places with these special colors we can breath easier.

New era of interior paints are smooth, stainless and their surfaces can wipe easily. We live in the era of design and we can show this with own venues.