Taurus, virgo and goat are earth sign. Let’s start with first one, virgo.


Taurus have been created for decoration. They like classic and American style. They fond of their comfort so they generally prefer natural colors and blue tones. Because these colors don’t tire them. Sleeping is essential for them, so they can spend a fortune on comfortable bed. Their favorite room is bedroom and living room may be their favorite room with large comfortable sofa.


Virgo is perfectionist and it is very important to be in touch with natüre. If they have, they like to decorate their terrace and garden. If they don’t have, they can create a natural atmosphere in their hal lor living. They like simplicity so they prefer beige and gray tones. They love to cook for their guests because of that I can say their favorite room is kitchen or terrace where they entertain a guest.


Goat do not like modernity and minimalism. They like traditional things in home decoration as every part of life. They like to spend time unaided. So they absolutely have corner for their special hobby at all times. Black and earth tones attract the attention in this sign and bedroom or hobby rooms are their favorite room in their homes